Simple Summer Sewing.


As the temperatures begin to rise I realized that I needed some light summer tops to get me through the steamy summer . I gathered together a variety of fabrics, prints and solids, some knits, some wovens mostly remnants. I used Vogue9057-Marcy Tilton view C, Butterick 5925- Katherine Tilton view C and McCallsMP206 also view C. I say used loosely as I changed hemlines and width as I made each one. Here are a few details and quick finishes I used.

I wanted some yellow to match a piece of jewelry . This is a knit. Did you ever get some fabric with a square print and not know what to do. I don’t think a square in the center is flattering. I decided to use part of it and make the rest black and a solid yellow . I used the McCalls pattern for this one and played with the placement of the pattern. I wanted a sleeve and also played around with that. I did not have a lot of fabric so I finished the slit in the center first, and then used what I had to cut out the sleeve. I used a purchased fold over elastic to finish the neckline.



image image image image





I used bias to finish the woven tops that I made. I like this finish as its clean and easy.





Vogue 5925 is one of my favorites. I have made it a few times and I really like the seaming on the back. I only had a small amount of this knit so adding the solid worked great and highlights the detail. This has a front seam but I made it a fold and changed the neckline from a V to a curve. I also added  I think 3 ins to this pattern.


image image

I used V9057 for the black top. I extended the shoulder to make a dolman sleeve- really easy. I found some knit bindings at JoAnns and I used them on a few of my tops. This one is ruffled elastic and I used a zigzag stitch to attach it to the neckline. I did not pre stitch the neckline but fused a thin line of interfacing to the neck edge. It comes in a few colors. The other binding is fold over elastic and it looks really nice and is easy to use.







This coral knit top was a thicker fabric and I will probably only wear it to the Gym or around the house so I just turned under  3/8 in. and  zigzagged the edges.





This  print is the same as the solid black, I wore  it to a party with my sweetie!



About maryglenn

I lived in Ireland for the first half of my life and Philadelphia for the second half--so far! I have always loved Sewing and all things creative . I am starting an inspired sewing and design Blog to connect with like minded friends.
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14 Responses to Simple Summer Sewing.

  1. Mollie says:

    Fabulous tops, Mary! You make steamy weather look good.

  2. Maureenclayton says:

    I love all your tops and all your creative finishes. Looks like a million dollar summer wardrobe!

  3. Nell Lee Stinson says:

    Finally found your blog! You are truly an inspiration. See you soon in Taos❤️

  4. WOW! You have been busy, and each one a winner. Wonderful selection and I love that ruffled elastic trim. I must look for some of that. My tees are so uninteresting – boatneck with 3/4 sleeves from Lands’ End, whenever I find colors I like. My biggest problem is horrendous hot flashes so I am pretty much stuck with looking for cotton, which has the benefit of not pilling. I had one wonderful striped boatneck tee in red, navy and off-white uneven stripes, but someone took it out of the washer I was using here in our apartment bldg. Broke my heart. I will be checking back for more pattern inspiration! Great job – and you look so cute with your sweetie at the party.

  5. worthmorenow says:

    Hello! Just found your blog and I live in Philadelphia also. Was wondering if you do any “local” fabric stores? Hoping to hear from you…….

  6. I have not been inspired by the weather here in Michigan (cold, rain, repeat!!!!), but your summery bunch of tops has me thinking about the possibility of warm days…and the pictures from Taos were a great memory nudge…thanks! Becky

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