DOL In Review

I am so excited to be returning to Ashland for the upcoming retreat with Diane and Sandy and thought I would do a recap of last years great workshop. Last year I had the pleasure of assisting Diane and also getting to know Gwen who taught us how to make Shoes! Gwen has killer sewing skills, and this is some of her work.image

I can’t remember who made these but I love the color combo.image

Making our own fabric is a topic that Diane will work on in June. But last year Sylvia had pieced together different shades of silk and then hand painted it. Together we draped a dress on her body and by the end of the workshop, she had a dress ready for any special outing.image image image

Diane’s Jewelery classes are always fabulous. Her creativity is unending.image image image

Everyone that shows up to each DOL brings amazing projects.

Diane’s son Myles gave us a great insight into the way he works and we were able to buy some of his fabric designs. So much fun!image

Helen has outrageous design skills and I loved her ‘Bug’ Jacket.


So what’s in store for this year. I can’t wait to find out. I am looking forward to meeting old friends, making new ones, and learning a lot of new stuff!image image


To finish a Fabulous retreat Mollie and I drove to Cave Junction to visit Marcy and Katherine Tilton.  We had a great time there and got to see their studios and shop For beautiful fabrics.image image image image

The calm before the storm!image image

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I lived in Ireland for the first half of my life and Philadelphia for the second half--so far! I have always loved Sewing and all things creative . I am starting an inspired sewing and design Blog to connect with like minded friends.
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  1. Myrna says:

    Looking forward to seeing you there. Soon.

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