Another Successful DOL

Another DOL is over and here are some great moments for you all to enjoy. Diane as always brings lots of new ideas along and never fails to inspire and help us to be more adventurous . We got to visit  her new studio which is fabulous and I can’t wait to see what great new work comes out of that. Her new patterns are great and If you don’t have one yet you are in for a treat.

image image image image

Diane ‘s son Myles entertained us with his unique approach to painting on fabric. He is so much fun to watch and he produces great art right in front of us. He painted on the shirt he was wearing, he painted on a top that Myrna had that she later added stitching , and when Lucy bought a piece of his painted fabric he helped her come up with some ideas on how to use it with other fabrics. His website  urban cadence.blogspot .com

image image image

imageI was very excited when I heard that Sandra Ericson was going to be Diane’s guest teacher as I had wanted to take a class from her but it never worked out. Sandra’s expertise is in draping and pattern making and she shared a lot of both with us. She brought along some dresses that she had made and one in particular, a dress made from 4 squares, was very popular. JoAnn got right to work and completed one that she wore to The Ashland Art Center. Karen and Sylvie were lucky to go home with patterns draped , fitted and ready to sew. She also brought us some slide presentations that we enjoyed. Her website

image image image image image

We we also had some fun social outings thanks to Judy Butler. Judy moved to Ashland from New Jersey last year  and she organized  a great dinner for us at the Paschal  Winery  where we were joined by some DOL alumni. We had great food and great wine. Afterwards Elaine Sweet  invited us back to her house where her wonderful husband made us a chocolate cake and some home made ice cream- seriously delicious.

image image image image

So you never know what might happen at a DOL.   As Diane always says, you come, make friends and go home inspired.

JoAnn Manzone shares a studio with Diane. Her web site is

image image

Here are a few more memories!

image imageI am off to Taos in Sept. See you then.

About maryglenn

I lived in Ireland for the first half of my life and Philadelphia for the second half--so far! I have always loved Sewing and all things creative . I am starting an inspired sewing and design Blog to connect with like minded friends.
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4 Responses to Another Successful DOL

  1. gayle ortiz says:

    Thank you so much, MaryGlenn, for sharing all of these photos and memories. It makes me feel a bit better about having missed it!
    You are looking magnificent!!!

  2. Great pictures Mary. I have been having fun playing with felt and the 4 square pattern. The retreat was so much fun. I learned alot and of course received lots of inspiration!!!! It has been fun sharing a studio with Diane. My web address is
    Can’t wait for the next one!

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